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enchanted scissors:ハサミの開閉制御による「切る」作業の補助


enchanted scissors:ハサミの開閉制御による「切る」作業の補助 (enchanted scissors: A Scissor Interface for Support in Cutting and Interactive Fabrication)


We present an approach to support basic and complex cutting processes through an interactive fabrication experience. enchanted scissors is a digitally controlled pair of scissors that restricts areas that can be cut while requiring the user’s exertion of force and decision to execute each cut. Therefore, unlike a completely digitalized cutting device, the user can freely apply improvisations within the permitted areas in real-time by using two switchable programs.


山下 真裕 (慶應義塾大学) , 山岡 潤一 (慶應義塾大学) , 筧 康明 (慶應義塾大学)