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投影型複合現実感と建物模型を用いたインタラクティブな内外観提示方式 (An Interactive MR Building Diorama by Using a Video Projector)


This paper proposes an interactive MR building diorama that can display both of the surface and the inside structure by using a video projector.One of the key features of our system is that users can hold the diorama with hand and observe it from their favorite viewpoint. Thus, our system obtains
the user's viewpoint and localizes the building diorama in 3D space by using two RGB-D cameras in real time. Then CG image corresponding to the relationship among the user's viewpoint, the pose of the diorama and the projector is rendered with Dual Rendering algorithm. As the result, the CG image is correctly projected onto the diorama. Additionally, we develop interactive operations to control the viewpoint by using body movements.


張 明 (筑波大学) , 北原 格 (筑波大学) , 亀田 能成 (筑波大学) , 大田 友一 (筑波大学)