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テレイグジスタンスの研究(第75報)-テレイグジスタンスのためのバーチャル環境への自己身体の実時間重畳- (Study on Telexistence LXXV -Realtime self-superimposing in Virtual Environments for Telexistence-)


On telexistence, visual consistency is important to deliver existing experience to the user. In the current design, the utilization of humanoid robots provides the minimum required degrees of freedom for human bodies. However, it doesn’t preserve the visual consistency feedback of user’s body. Thus in this paper we provide a new method to present operator self body visuals and motion into robot’s vision during teleoperating. In this method, we utilize the estimated trajectory of user’s hands and arms movement to mask his local body via a see through head mounted display and impose the result over robot’s vision. In this paper we describe the constraints and implementation method of this technique.


SARAIJI MHD YAMEN (慶應義塾大学) , Fernando Charith Lasantha (慶應義塾大学) , 古川 正紘 (慶應義塾大学) , 南澤 孝太 (慶應義塾大学) , 舘 暲 (慶應義塾大学)