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下肢部駆動刺激による歩行感覚表現に関する研究 (A study on the presentation of walking sensation by lower extremity drive)


The present paper describes the design of a display for the body motion sensation based on lower extremity drive mechanism. The system consists of a heel lifter, a 2-dof foot board display, a motion chair, and a tactile foot stimulator to produce the sensation of walking altogether. We measured the characteristics of motion perception regarding the heel lifter display input. The real motion of a foot during walking (fast, mid, slow) was measured for the motion analysis. The preliminary evaluation of the system was performed.


増田 幸矩 (首都大学東京) , 池井 寧 (首都大学東京) , 阿部 浩二 (首都大学東京) , 広田 光一 (東京大学) , 雨宮 智浩 (日本電信電話株式会社)